Please read in full before requesting

We do not manufacture anti-suffocation pillows, we fundraise to pay for anti-suffocation pillows as part of our project to help stop preventable death to epilepsy. If you can afford to purchase a pillow you can do so here: ESUK Discount page at a cost of around £40.

  • We can only provide pillows to people who have been medically diagnosed with epilepsy and who suffer from nocturnal seizures. Pillows are for individual use only and not for re-sale.
  • Without this information, your application can not be processed.
  • We can only supply pillows to private UK residents.
  • According to SIDS guidelines, pillows are not suitable for use by children under 2 years of age.
We are a charitable organisation, funded entirely by donations from members of the public
  • In order to ensure that anti-suffocation pillows are not subsequently offered for sale, we will ask you to sign a declaration.
  • If you or your household has purchased a Sleep-safe pillow in the last 3 years, we will be informed by the company and we will require further explanation before a decision is made on whether to issue you with a new pillow.
  • Other organizations  have brought and distributed pillows as we have no means of checking in this case we have to trust the requesters morality.
  • We will only fund pillows for a second time in exceptional circumstances as funds are very limited.To request an anti-suffocation pillow funded by Epilepsy Sucks UK, please fill in the form bellow. Please note we do not send automated responses as we consider every single request individually before replying which can take up to 8 weeks but can vary. We can only respond when we have the funding in place. If you have clicked send on the form below when completed we should have received your request, if we need further information we will contact you. If you do not hear from us within 8 weeks please email

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