Question of Epileptic V Person With Epilepsy


We created a survey to ascertain the preferred terminology between epileptic and person with epilepsy.

The results show that out of 101 who responded before the poll closed 77 chose ‘person with epilepsy’ as their preferred terminology. 34% were diagnosed with epilepsy, 64% were parents the remaining 2% consisted of partners and 1 professional in the field of epilepsy.

Out of those who chose ‘epileptic’ 9 were parents 14 had a diagnosis of epilepsy, 2 were not affected by epilepsy.

The results show overwhelmingly that the move toward ‘people with epilepsy’ is preferred over ‘epileptic’ in more than two thirds of people affected.

We Epilepsy Sucks UK have stated that the preferred terminology is Person with Epilepsy (PWE) in our terms of use within our support forum and in our language across the board.

We aren’t alone:
‘While seizures may be referred to as ‘epileptic’, this is not an appropriate term for a person with the condition. The correct term is ‘person with epilepsy’.
Epilepsy Society

Statements by people with epilepsy such as they are ‘epileptic and proud’ have been posted within our support forum. We too are proud that they are not ashamed of the diagnosis but ask is it healthy to be known as Dave or Dorris The Epileptics?


You are human, strong, creative and stoic and in other words pretty awesome to stand up and brush yourselves off time and time again. What defines you is YOU and your loves, your highs, your hopes, your plans, your fears even your choice of friends.
When stating I am an epileptic your underlining the fact that you are epilepsy. Epilepsy- A medical diagnosis, a burden, a limitation, something unwanted and not needed, something to wish away could translate as someone.

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Aim for synergy by not defining yourselves or others who don’t wish to be defined. Show cohesiveness with others affected by epilepsy.

Be all you can be and leave a legacy for the future generation by leaving old learned terminology behind for yourself and others.