What’s This?
We, Epilepsy Sucks UK have the chance to win a tin of cash to help provide anti-suffocation pillows to those in need. Plus one nominator ie YOU could win £250.

Great! What Do I do?
Simply click here to NOMINATE Epilepsy Sucks UK. Give your name, email address and tell them how fabulous we are in 100 words or less. Easy enough?

Then What?
The nominations are open from the 27th October to the 21st November so why not ask your friends and family to nominate too. You could even get your hashtags on if you really wanted to spread the news just #WinTheTin
IF we are in the top 20 small charities that have received the most nominations then your kindness will be needed again to cast a vote to win the £5,000. (we will let you know so watch this space ______________________________
You will then be entered into a draw to win £250!
That would buy a nice turkey hey.

Win The Tin is run by Ocean Finance please click here to read the terms and conditions.

Good luck to you for the £250 pot ….. wish us luck!

Awww Thanks 🙂