The British Red Cross through their ‘Life, Live it’ campaign have teamed up with gamer Ali A  targeting gamers about how to help someone having a tonic-clonic seizure.

Some of you maybe thinking that people with epilepsy shouldn’t be playing games because of the epilepsy warnings but in reality only 3% of people diagnosed with epilepsy are photosensitive meaning that patterns of light trigger seizures.

With 1 in 20 people experiencing a seizure in their life time it should be common knowledge what to do during a seizure but sadly this isn’t the case 88% of people admit they wouldn’t know what to do.

The genius of the collaboration is that knowledge is passed on through game play.

Ali-A battles aliens on a space craft where he comes across his captain laying on the ground he then has to make decisions on what to do based on the situation facing him.



Move any objects away from the Captain and ask any onlookers to move on.



Place an item of clothing, or soft material, under the Captain’s head to keep it safe from harm.


Put the Captain on his side and tilt his head back

Once the seizure has passed, if the Captain is unconscious and breathing, move him on to his side and tilt his head back. This makes sure he can continue to breathe freely.

You can find out more about the Life, Live it campaign here: