So you want to know who we are hey?

We are happy to share that with you as the team is pretty awesome!

Everyone involved with charity house keeping are dedicated volunteers.

We work from our own homes all around the UK. Capitol costs are zero! More money for the pillow pot.

Social Network Administrators:
Everyone involved in making the charity tick is an administrator of our Facebook support group. With near on 5,000 members, it’s all hands on deck. All three trustees can be found there channeling their Facebook addiction for the greater good.

The rest of the gang are strong and knowledgable individuals who were former beneficiaries, obvious Facebook addicts too but knew their Spanish onions from their shallots and show true commitment to the betterment and progression of the charity through their voluntary dedication.



• Chair/Treasurer: Sallieann Gould (mum to Ben- LGS)

• Secretary/Fundraising Management : Aimee Louise Jenkins (mum to Charlie- Dravet)
• Policy/Trainee Councillor: Helen Sharpe (mum to Jack-TLE)